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Project Submissions


Hardware bitfiles and software compiled programs are not required to be submitted. Instead, the instructor will compile your source code (Verilog, C, ...) for grading.

The instructor will directly check your project out of your Subversion or Git repository for grading. Please make sure the following tasks are completed:

  1. Your complete project is actually in your Subversion/Git/etc repository
  2. The instructor has read-only access to your repository

When you are ready to submit your project, email the instructor the exact command you want used to obtain your code. For example, to submit the 1379 revision of the project project from the myrepository repository for grading, email the following command:

svn checkout https://<<url>>/myrepository/project --revision 1379

This revision number must have been checked in by the project deadline. If it is later than the deadline, please tell if you want to use a Late Day on the project (as specified on the Projects page.) If you don't tell us that you're using a late day, we'll grade the last revision committed before the deadline.

Tip: It would be a good idea to test this command and to recompile your project from scratch to make sure your submission will be successful.



To submit documentation, simply place it in the /doc directory of your project, check it in, and make a note in your submission email regarding the files to be graded. Documents should be provided in PDF format for portability.