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In this course, you will design, build, and test a functional/prototype system in the broad area of "advanced networking".  The specific topic will be determined based on discussions between you, your project partner (if desired), and the instructor.  After completing your system, you will document and present your work to your peers by way of an in-class oral presentation and written technical paper in ACM workshop/conference format.


Project Proposal

Submit a 1-2 page PDF document that answers the following questions:

  1. What are you doing?
  2. How is what you are doing different from what has been done before?
  3. How will you prove/demonstrate that your final project works?
  4. What infrastructure do you need to successfully build or test your project?


Project Midpoint Presentation

Prepare a ~15 minute, 10 slide presentation that covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction / Related Work (5 minutes)
    1. What are you doing?
    2. Why should we care?
    3. How is this same/different to what has been done before?
  2. System architecture and design (5 minutes)
  3. Current implementation status, in detail
  4. Current testing results
    1. Note: This section cannot be empty.  You project must have reached the point that you can test something, for functionality, if not performance
  5. Future plans / anticipated roadblocks
  6. Audience Q&A


Project Final Presentation

Update and extend your project midpoint presentation to make a ~25 minute, 10-15 slide presentation that covers the following topics:

  1. Introduction
  2. Final system architecture and design
  3. Final functionality and performance testing
  4. Related work
  5. Potential future work
  6. Audience Q&A


Project Technical Paper

The project technical paper is a 6-7 page document in the style of a workshop or conference paper.  You should write it in LaTex, using the ACM Sig Alternate template (option "2"), and track your files in version control.  Your paper should include the following customary sections, and other sections as needed:

  1. Abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Background
  4. Design or Architecture
  5. Evaluation
  6. Related Work
  7. Conclusions


To avoid writing the technical paper at the last minute, earlier drafts will be due for informal feedback.

Draft 1:

  • Write introduction and related work sections

Draft 2:

  • Revise earlier draft based on feedback, plus
  • Write design/architecture section


Draft 3:

  • Revise earlier draft based on feedback, plus
  • Write evaluation section (which will be incomplete as the project is still in-progress)


Draft 4:

  • Revise earlier draft based on feedback, plus
  • Revise evaluation section with current results
  • Write abstract and conclusion
  • This should be a complete draft from beginning to end.  It is acceptable to have a placeholder graph (with the supporting text) for any data you have not collected yet but expect to collect by the end of the project.