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This course is organized around 12 in-class labs on varying topics.

Lab Reports:

Each lab requires you to write a lab report that answers key questions as you work through the lab. These reports should follow the format of the LibreOffice template provided here. Answers to most lab questions can be short; a few sentences is generally sufficient.

The first lab (and only the first lab!) will be submitted via the Canvas site. For all other labs, everything (programs source code, lab reports, etc...) must be checked into the corresponding lab directory in version control and pushed to the online repository.

Lab Reports must be submitted in PDF format, not as LibreOffice files (Choose File->Export as PDF).  Documents not in PDF format will be returned ungraded.


    Pre-Lab checkpoints are due at the beginning of class of the corresponding lab. A "checkpoint" is simply a quick verification that the requested activity was complete. Detailed grading will be done when the full lab report is submitted.

    The full Lab Report is due by 5:00am on the dates listed in the table below. (The intent is that you finish it up at your leisure the night before, rather than waiting till the last second and submitting it at 4:59am...)


      To account for the varying amount of work required, each lab is worth a different point amount, as listed in the table below.


        Lab #TopicLab Start DateLab Report Due DatePoints Per ProblemPre-Lab PointsLab Points
        1 Linux Basics Sep 5th, 2016 Sep 9th, 2016 by 5am Rubric 50 60
        2 Version Control Sep 8th, 2016 Sep 12th, 2016 by 5am Rubric 15 45
        3 C Programming 

        (Language, Tools, and Makefiles)
        Sep 13th, 2016 Sep 19th, 2016 by 5am Rubric - 70
        4 C Programming Project Sep 20th, 2016 Oct 3rd, 2016 by 5am Rubric - 150
        5 Performance Measurement Sep 27th, 2016 Oct 13th, 2016 by 5am Rubric - 130
        6 Performance Optimization
        (Compilers and programmer techniques)
        Oct 4th, 2016 Oct 17th, 2016 by 5am Rubric - 150
        7 Performance Optimization
        (Memory Hierarchy)
        Oct 11th, 2016 Oct 27th, 2016 by 5am Rubric - 160
        8 Network Socket Programming
        Oct 27th, 2016 Nov 3rd, 2016 by 5am Rubric - 120
        9 Network Socket Programming
        Nov 3rd, 2016 Nov 11th, 2016 by 11:59 PM
        Rubric - 120
        10 MIPS Assembly Programming
        Nov 10th, 2016 Nov 21st, 2016 by 5am Rubric - 125
        11 MIPS Assembly Programming
        Nov 17th, 2016 Nov 28th, 2016 by 5am Rubric - 135
        12 MIPS Assembly Programming
        Nov 29th, 2016 Dec 9th, 2016 by 5am Rubric - 135