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Links to the resources provided and/or recommended for the class will be posted on this page.

Lecture Notes

Lecture TitleDownload
Introduction PowerPoint
Internet Fundamentals PowerPoint
Ethernet PowerPoint
IP Introduction PowerPoint
IP Header Format PowerPoint
IP Addressing PowerPoint
NetFPGA Hardware PowerPoint
Ethernet Hub Tutorial PowerPoint
Project Intro PowerPoint
ARP PowerPoint
ICMP PowerPoint
Router Wrapup PowerPoint
Data vs Control Plane PowerPoint
NAT PowerPoint
Host Networking PowerPoint
OSPF PowerPoint
BGP PowerPoint
BGP / Routing Recap PowerPoint
Embedded Systems PowerPoint
Network Processors PowerPoint
Future of IP - IPv6 PowerPoint
Future of Ethernet PowerPoint
Wrapup PowerPoint


Supplemental Reading

Network Processors









Verilog Programming

If you find a more useful Verilog tutorial elsewhere, please let us know!


Network Programming (Sockets)


C Programming




Style Guides