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Grading Rubric Lab 4

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Grading Rubric - Lab 4
Lab Value: 120 points
Pre-lab: 30 points

* Zero points if assignment does not compile for any reason
  (e.g. missing files or code errors)
  Assignment will be returned to student without grading
* Subtract 5 points for any warnings during compilation using 
  required GCC options
* Subtract 5 points if too many files are added to version
  control (such as program binary, .o object files, or ~ text
  editor temporary files)

Points breakdown:
Makefile (5 points):
Division of program into functions (5 points):
Use of header (.h) and source (.c) files (5 points):
Use of WordSearch structure (5 points):
File input from test puzzle file (25 points):
Dynamic memory allocation for puzzle (25 points):
User Interface (Prompting, Error checking) (20 points): 
Game Play Logic (25 points): 
Test case with example puzzle and user input (5 points):